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What are 401k taxes?

Where can I get information about my 401k

Can I use part of my 401 K to invest in a company which is and LLC?

What exactly is safe harbor provision?

Borrow against 401k w/o paying taxes?

If i am furloughd from my job for 11 weeks, can i go 11 weeks without making a payment. I have a leave and return date!

My 401k money was earned in California and I retire in another state, do I owe state taxes to California?

I am 64 and considering rolling over my 401K to a Roth IRA. Is this a good idea and what are the sticking points?

Is there a caught up plan for 401k

If i pay off a loan can i get another loan

Employer funding

Hello I am buying a home

I AM on Li visa and a member of 401 K for last 15 months and now I am getting back to my country of origin What is the best

I AM on Li visa and a member of 401 K for last 15 months and now I am getting back to my country of origin What is the best

I am trying to find my 401K? Starwood said it would be here. Can you help?

How do I log into my existing A.G.edwards 401K plan. I recently retired & would like access from home.

At what age can I start withdrawing from my 401k without a penalty?

How do I log in to my 401k account? I am an employee of Harrah's in Atlantic City.

I am currently 56 years old & was just laid-off - can I take $ from 401k w/o 10% penalty?

What is an employer/sponser's obligation to offer & enroll employee into plan?

I am trying to track down my 401K Rollover Check

I want to move 401k money from C/street to vanguard, but I also have a loan from 401K. Can this money be moved?

Do all 401k plans keep defaulted loans on the employee's quarterly statements?

What is automatic enrollment?

I work for newsday and want to access my 401k

Newsday access to

Swinomish tribal community retirementsavings plan

How much tax is taken from my 401k if i take it out in a lump sum upon retirement?

I am in between jobs and want to know if i can withdrawl all of my money in my 401k i only have about $1500 in it anyways.

What are the reporting requirements by the custodian to members


Husband and i are the beneficiary for our sons 401 k what taxes do we have to pay for this we live in ca.

Hardship withdrawls

If i am in a chapter 13 bankruptcy can i borrow from my 401k

Can i borrow money if i am in a chapter 13 bankruptcy

I cancelled my 401K and received my check in July. I need a copy of something that says that my account was paid out/closed

How do I borrow against my 401k

My new employer doesn't have a 401k. I already had a Roth and an existing IRA. Which one should I fully fund now?

How do i find an old 401k plan?

Can you take money from your 401k plan to purchase a house ( first time home buyer) with-out taking a loan out, any penaltie

What web sight do i sign in at for colfax

What is a hardship withdrawal from an ira

How do you recieve your money from old jobs? how do you contact rep

401K Transfer

If I cashout my 401k in a year that I don't expect to owe taxes (even including this small cashout), would that minimize my tax liability?

How do i access my account on line

What is your web site so I can access my account

How can i obtain 401k without it being on my job?

My employer has decided to switch plan managers, however, I was happy with the previous plan. Do I have to switch?

I am 61 years old and i want to withdraw my all of my 401 k from a past employer.

Would it be better to cash my 401k to pay off my debts

Grandchildren minors as Beneficiaries--how do I designate their parents as guardians?

My husband signed off on my 401k does he get half of the money

What is the best way to pay taxes for early withdraw of 401k?

I havent receive a copy of my 401k statement of 2007, and i need that copy where can i get it?

Does my minor child have to file a tax return for a beneficiary payout?

What is the current federal tax penalty ro 10,000 from 401k co. plan

I invest $20,000. in 2008

Why won't the third party admin speak to me?

What are average 401k fees for a plan with 1500 participants with average act balance $10,000

I have become disabled . I will be 55 this year. Are their any tax breaks,if I draw my 401k to pay off my house?

Do you have to name a beneficiary to open a 401K?

Ive been contibuting to my 401k since january and my employer has not funded this to my account. Is my employer breaking law

What are the rules and tax consequences of rolling over a 401K to a Roth IRA?

What is top heavy testing

What do i do to withdraw my 401k money?

I have a 401k but i dont know how to go about getting it and finding out were it is! What should i do!

What is the hawaii state tax penalty when cashing out a 401k?

I need my 401k money desparately and the reason does not fall into the strict guidelines of "hardship".

Can an employee withdraw his money from 401 K before age 59.5?

. I am 55 years old . I wnat to cash out my 401k. I have 52,ooo in it. What will be my total after taxes nas penalties

I am 60 years old and elgible for 401k

How do i find my 401 k from previous employer that went out of business?

401k loan question pros & cons ?

Is my employer sponsered 401k plan fully insured for over $250000.00

What is the max I can invest per year?

Can I tranfer my 401K to an IRA without any penalty?

My 401k is with merrill lynch, is it insured?

How Much Taxes Does Maryland Take Out Of A 401k When Cashed Out

How much is my 401k now

What is a 403 K

Is there a state penalty for early withdrawal

After 10% penalties,what percent is the taxes

After 10% penalties is there 20% taxes on the rest of early withdrawals from 401k

Rules to use money from my 401k to purchase a home

Account information

What are the 2009 401(k) limits?

Will there be taxes and/or penalties for early withdrawl of 401K for a second home ?

Will there be taxes and/or penalties for early withdrawl of 401K for a second home ?

How do i print out my 401k

Is there an initiative in place to waive the MRD for 2008 as proposed by John McCain due to the stock market losses?

How can cash in a 401k to pay off house

When can i rollover my 401k to an ira

What are the allowable reasons to obtain a loan from my 401k?

What are the allowable reasons to obtain a loan from my 401k?

How can I find out how much I have in my 401k online?

I have recieved information about a 401k account anddistribution from Odyssey Healthcare. My name is Regina Marsh,

What is the 'broad market bond index' ?

I'm 18 years old, my net pay is about $150 weekly. Should I choose pre-tax or after-tax 401(k) contributions?

Is there an age when all the funds in a 401k have to be withdrawn?

My employer offers a 401K planand he makes an annual profit sharing contribution to the plan. To be elgible you must work 6

Early withdrawal to invest in my business

Upon the death of the owner of a 401K does the spouse have to pay all taxes due the year the owner dies?

I will be 70.5 Nov 08 and will be working for 401k employer thru Jan 09. Will I have to take Min Dist for 2008? for 2009?

My employer wishes to close his 401K plan. Is this legal?

Have they pass the law for no fee for early withdrawl for hardship?

Need a password

Former employer sent check payable to "Citistreet LLC FBO [my name]". Notation on check says "Direct Rollover." What now?

I no longer work for the company that my 401k was through. What would be the penalty if I closed it out. How do I do it?

Need to find my 401k info about it

How can i find out how much is in my 401K

Explain catch up contributions.

Need a phone number to contact citistreet about a new plan

Is it wise to increase my deferral percent from 5% to 10% at this time? Oct 2008


How to access my 401k account

Where can i find my 401k?

I am 49 years old and my 401k went from 53k to 41 in a year, should i put my money in a money market till the crisis is over

How long does an employer have to deposit the amount witheld from your check?

I have a 401K and have left employment. How long does the current plan have to work my w/d req?

Can government employer keep one's 401K if changing jobs to outside sector

How can I get to my account? Can not get it to pull up under retirelife.com

Hi i want to make money any good tips for me?

Can a person withdraw funds from thier 401k plan while still a participant who is not of retirement age?

Hardship withdraw

How do i find my 401k

Gic safety funds

401K Withdraw

Merrill Lynch. What are the terms and conditions for withdrawal

I lost my job after 14 years. I need to know when I can withdraw my 401K. I am 58 1/2 years of age.

I am over 65 can i withdraw my 401K and place it in another bank without penalties?

Equality in 401k between salary and hourly?

Can current employer rollover 401K to new provider, even portion which was rolled into this account from previous employemen

If i close my 401 k how much is the penalty

How do i find out my balance of my 401k

If you have a loan on your 401K and lose your job due to job cuts or lay off, how are you expected to pay the loan back?

Can my 401k market value become lower then the amount I put in? Other words, can i lose my own money if the market falls?

Are beneficiaries protected from creditors

If 70 1/2 and required to withdraw funds from my 401k rollover IRA, what is the penalty for not complying until 71 1/2?

Can i take any cash from my 401k and rollthe rest over

My employer says I can not cash out unless I retire or resign. Is this true?

Is there any truth to Obama being able to redistribute/take our 401K.

Can I transfer 401k money that was invested on an after tax basis directly to a ROTH IRA? If not I'll be paying tax twice.

Take out money from 401k early

I need a copy of when i took out my 401k,how can i obtain a cpoy ,i need one for my divorce. Thank you

Where to find out how much i have in my 401k?

How do i find out how much money i have in my 401k?

How does a 401-k work?

What is the penalty for withdrawing 401K in order to migrate to another country?

What is considered a hardship to pull moey out of 401k

Are companies required by law tocontribute to 401Ks

Can I withdrall my 401k money now for finacial hardship?

I want to close my 401k I'm 45 I know of the penalties employer says no reason age/no job loss can they do that?

Factory shutdown, is there any way to withdraw on part of my 401K without any penalties to pay bills?

Once I sign all the papers to withdrawl my 401K, is there a certain amount of time that they are required to get it to me.

My employer just informed everyone that they are not matching our 401k contributions for this year, is that legal?

I have a 401k from 20 yrs ago can i withdrawl it

Only 26- 2,645 balance & loan 1,443. What wld the taxes be if I cash out? How much would I receive?

401k withdrawal for home

Is there a specific law that reqires company 401k plans in California to offer at least one safe investment choice?

How do i check if i still have my 401k

How do I find an old 401-k account I had with another company? I did not draw out or roll it over. Thank You.

Are 401k profits taxed as capital gains?

WHen you fill out the papers and tell them to sell it on a certain day and they don't. They dont sell it, and you lose money.

In a "safe harbor", what is the maximum income an employee makes that can be used for the employees deferral. Was $200,000?

How do i see if i have a 401k plan

When I left my former employer, I didn't rollover my 401K. What will my tax and penalty be?

How can I get money from my 401K?

My husband died in february .He would be 59 and half in october.I rolled over his 401k can get money from this account

At what age can i start a 401k

I'm turning 50 in October 2009. Am I eligible for the catch up contributions in 2009?

I have about $1500 in an old 401k. i'm unemployed now and need the money. What are the cons of cashing that out?

Once I transfer my 401k from my old job to an IRA how are future contributions handled?

Can you roll a traditional 401K plan into a roth at no penalty if the value of your 401k is less than what it was when you s

Can I cash out my 401k without quitting my job?

Obama elected president -is employee going to borrow up to $10,000 from their 41k due to hard time middle class are facing.eg. abl

How do i know how much I have in my 401k

I had a 401k through the us air force but was medically discharged in 2003 how do i find out where my 401k is?

If I withdraw money from my 401K to pay for my daughters college will I be subject to any penalties or taxes

I am 62, Us citizen Can I withdraw from 401K to invest in India

How to check my status

Can i contribute post-tax dollars to a 401K (i don't want a ROTH 401K)

Finding an old 401k from UCLA

How can i find out if i have 401k benefits with another company

We already have 2 loans out on our 401k, but can we roll one of those into a debt consolidation loan?

What is the maximum contribution for 2009

How can i withdraw my 401k ?i have been unemployed for about 9 mounths and i cant pay my bills and about to be evicted

Can i findout if there has ben any account activety on my 4o1k plan in the last year?

When am I able to borrow off my 401K during a chapter 7 bankruptsy in nj

Can land be included in a self directed 401K/IRA?

How do i cash in my 401k. whats the most i can get

Can I transfer my 401 to another plan while I am employed?

Why can't I invest in Gold Bullion via my 401k?

How long can an employer hold a 401k contribution after an employee is terminated

Is health insurance pension income considered wages against

My father passed and didn't sign the form does my step mother received all of it or does it become community property. TX

I have about $2,400 in my 401k. I want to borrow $1,000. What is my payback amount & Penalty?

What is the term safe harbor?

I received a QDRO from ex husbands 401k they invested it for me i would like to have cash option how much taxes would i owe

If I am 72 years of age and want to withdraw my 401K and put the money into a CD or mutual fund, will I have to pay a penalty?

How can I claim the major losses to my 401 K on my income tax form for 2008 ?

Can employers hold your 401k after being fired

Now that I am over62 yeas old, how much money I can take out of my 401k without having to pay tax?

Can employers hold your 401k over a year after being fired

With the current economic crisis; Should I continue to contribute to my 401K?

Since I have to report gains on investments, can I deduct losses on my 401k

Can an employer stop matching 41k contributions?

What is a 401C plan and how do they differ from 401K and 403B plans?

Can you roll over my 401K to a Roth IRA?

When changing my 401k investments, do I also want to make an account realignment with my balance or should I leave my funds?

How do i stop contribting to my 401k plan at work

I have 2 different 401K plans.

How long does it take to receive money from a 401k when money is withdrawn?

Is it true you cannot borrow against a "company funded" 401k plan?

What is 401k?

What is the max employee contribution for 2008 for a 57 year old into a 401k

I am 70 1/2 - non owner - must I begin taking distributions now even though I am still working and contributing to my 401k?

Can i withdraw money from my 401k?

Are there banks that offer CDs to 401k indv accts? I need a bank that will open the CD acct with 401k custodisn tax #ID.

Is the money I put in my 401K mine if I am fully vested,

Is the amount of money I put in my 401K mine if I am fully vested,

Money I contribute to 401K mine to keep or is it subject to loss if market is down.

Has the mandatory witgdrawal from 401's been waived for this year due to economic meltdown

I need to no how much i have in my 401k

Can you borrow money to pay delinquent property taxes in the state of texas

I am 62 and work full time but want to cash out my retirement, it used to be company sponsored 401K but i rolled it over.

I have had a few differtent jobs in the past 10 years how do i find out what has happened to my 401k money?

After i quit a job, is my 401k still available to me?

Investment funds I can choose from with the RPC 401 plan

Can i cancell my 401k i cant afford to have it taken out of my payhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B-vHhi7VK4

MY 401k (profit sharing) personal contribution is MIA? Something smell fishy here!

How can i find my husbands 401k or ira

The value of my 401K was $1,577.00. I closed out my 401K and only received $624.00 before taxes. Can your employer take over

What is the penalty if you withdraw money early

Can you roll a 401k plan to a traditional IRA while still at that employer?

Do you still have to pay 10% penalty if you withdraw you 401K?

Our 2008 income is 24 th unemployment & 20 th 401k. With 1 son,file jointly w/ $5,000 medical payout. Will we get a tax refun

Can I purchase a vehicle with my 401k without being taxed?

How do you calculate taxes coverting 401K to Roth IRA

Is is best to withdraw $ from a 401k plan at the beginning of the year or the end of the year for tax reasons?

My former employer will not allow me to move or access my funds...Is this legal?

Can i withdraw from my 401 to pay off my hosue and how much peanaly would I have to pay. I hvae app 95,000.00 I am 59

Can i freeze my 401k in these bad economic times

I have $21,000 in my 401K. What would the penalties and interest amount to if I withdrew it?

How is the death of the owner handled - what are spouses options

How access to my personal account?

If I loose my job how do I get my money out of the 401k?

How can i check my 401k online?

1989 to 1993 I had after-tax contributions. I was asked what the after-tax "basis" was since it does not appear on any statements?

I have a solo 401k and want to know if I can sell "naked puts" and how to handle the cash reserve they want.

I am 60 and I want to pay off my mortgage with 401Kyes or no?

Can I use my 401k to pay the amount I have to pay my husband in a divorce?

Can I cash out my 401K if I am still employed at the company?

How do you find old 401k's

Can I contribute to my employer's 401k even though I am older than 70 1/2?

I borrowed from my 401k. Do I have to repay all of it?

401K safe harbor

Is there a time frame required by law for an employer to make 401k withholdings from an employee to the plan?

Can an employer contribute less than a 3% safe harbor non-elective contribution?

What is 401K Limit for Puerto Rico

Laws re. 401k rolloever distribution for a pool balance forward plan?

What are the penalities for cashing out a pension before age 55 for hardship

Can I withdraw funds without penalty for child support as I am unemployed and have fallen behind

Can I withdraw money from my 401 without the 10% early withdrawal penalty to pay my house off?

Death benefit request form

Can i borrow a loan from my 401 k for personal needs

I used to work at Suntrust...Capital one..and First north american national bank about 5 years ago...where do i find my 401k

How can i find informatiom on my 41k?

How do i get my 401k

Are 401k losses tax deductible

Is the value of my original contributions guaranteed?

How do I draw out my 401k money right now

How long does an employer have to submit employee deferrals to the 401k plan?

Need forms to change

In New Hampshire how old do you have to be to enroll in 401K?

I have been waiting for over a year to recieve my disbursement of my 401k.i sent my election form back since 10/16/2008

My company 401k restricts my investment options to a group of mutual funds. Can I move my funds & self direct my own acct?

If an employer stops all matching on your 401k, am i able to take my money out of the 401k plan because they did this

I was laid off work can I draw out my 401K if I'm unemployed and is there penalities?

Why doe's one have to wait until you reach the age of 65 before cashing out

If I draw out monthly on my 401-k, will this affect my weekly workers compensation pay?

Can i cash in my 401k from a previous job?

What is an in service loan and are there any penalties involved?

Can i receive my dividends

I want to withdraw my 401k and have it sent to me. WHAT IS THE PENALTIES

How do i know how much i have in my 401k

Why can i cancel my 401k and get my money if i still work for the same company

If my company cancelled my 401k and i cashed it out and already paid taxes on it, do i need to claim this on my income taxes

401k transferred to another provider after separation from employment

I need to find out about my 401K

I pay my property tax separate from my mortage,no escrow,iam 2quarters behind in my property taxes can this qualify hardship

Can I rollover a Simple IRA into a 401K

My ex and i had 401k now divorcied am i intiled to part of it dont think it was stated in divorce

You handle the employee 401K for TCF Bank is that correct?

Can I take a hardship against my 401k if I have outstanding loan that is less than my balance?

I am trying to access my account,what are the procedures?

I have a retirement plan from a previous job. Can this be transfered to my 401k or would it be wise to roll it over to an IR

I'm 65 and employed, can I withdraw my 401K?

Can I cash out 401 and apply to mortgage balance without penalty.

I lost track of my 401k account about 10-15 years ago,v how can I find where my money is?

I am a beneficiary of a 401. What is the best thing to do rollvoer or IRA

At what age must I with draw from from my 401k to avoid penatly?

Is an auto allowance payment eligible earnings for 401k contributions?

Can you write a covered put in an IRA account

I worked for a CPA firm for 4 years, I know they had 401k plan, how can I find out if I have any money in the account

What is the penatly for taking all of your 401k out. we have alot of creidt card debt.

Can I get a tax credit on my income tax return for losses in my 401k?

Death of retiree

Will i be penalized 30% plus the 10% forwithdrawal at age 64and still employed?

Can I borrow money from my plan for short term?

Can I cancel my 401(k) and cash it out while still working for my employer?

I'm unemployed and have taken out of my IRA. Are there any laws to help me out with the penalties?

Do I have to report my 401k withdrawal to the unemployment office?

How can i figure out what my asset or wrap fees are on my axa 401k plan?

Can I make a "tax free" distribution from a 401k to a charitable institution ?

Have you heard of a law that requires employees to provide info on all family members (ssn, etc) even if they're not contrib

Can a part time employee cash out their 401K?

If over 59 1/2 years, can one receive money from his 401k and continue to work part-time?

Can 401k withdrawerals in dec. 2008 be charged to 2009 ?

I have been laid off and need to withdrawal my 401K to live on, I currently have a long against it will this loan be taxed a

Explain the safe harbor

I am currently trying to have my 401k rolled to my ira, i am over 65 and close to retiring what laws govern

I need to click on the Electronic Document Delivery

How can i find out how much money i have in my 401k plan?

I need contact informatin for my retirement

If I need to borrow from my 401k, who is there to help me?

Who is the goverment regulatory agency for 401Ks

What is the latest date that a matching contribution on a safe harbor 401k plan can be funded?

Can I borrow against my 401K?

I had 401k at my last job but did not roll it over. Where is it?

My wife left her job, she is not working. We took a withdrawl form her 401k shortly after she left. can we take another.

Where do i find the name of the companies that invest my 401K?


Can I cash out a 401K

I need to change my % of contribution

401K contribution in the year I reach full retirement age?

Can I pull all of my money out of my 401K to get myself out of debt?

Are gains in a 401k subject to a penalty if withdrawn?

Should I take out my money now to stop losses

Looking to leave my job and take my 401K out.

If you barrowed money from your 401 can you barrow again in the same year even if you barrowed the full max

Who receives the interest when I borrow from my 401k?

Is there any way out of the 20 percent early withdrawal tax on 401k

Can cashing in my 401K delay unemployment benefits?

My husband for 5 years pass away few days ago, and the beneficiary for 401k is his daughter, I have 2 children 3 and 1 years old. I need to know what happens in this case?

Is there a maximume $ amount an employer can pay in as a match

How do I sign up to receive an e-mail statement

Buying a house

What are the rules governing safe harbor matches and what is the look back year?

Are 401k funds FDIC insured like a savings account in a bank?

Is it possible to withdraw my current year contributions to my 401K, pay the tax on that amount, and not pay a penalty?

How is minimum manditory withdrawal figured?

Hardship withdrawal after closing date of purchase

Minimum required withdrawal

I work for advance america . what company manages my 401k?

Can i stop my payroll deduction on a 401k loan?

My husband is 46 and has lost about half of his 401k. Should we take everything left and invest in a money market or CD?

My birthday is september 18th 1938 What is the latest date that I must take a withdrawal without a penality?

If you use the $5000 catch up option (> 50 yrs old), do you need to max out at $15,500 first?

Why do i have to be fired to cash out my 401K

Can I withdraw from my 401K without penalty if I am 57 years old and I left my job 2 years ago?

Is it legal for a comapny that contributes to a 401k plan to borrow agsint it?

What are some of the reasons why a loan against your 401K would be denied ?

Employer is not contributing.

Why can't i get a hardship loan due to my car needing repairs to run and i need that to go back and forth to work

Can you transfer funds from an active 401k to an ira?

Where would i go now to check on it

What is a 401k hardship letter?

I was recently layed off. I am 54 and would like to take my 401k money to pay off my house. C

Phoenix heat treat co. 401k plan

My mother pasted away is her 401k entitled to me

Is thereafederal law if you are semi-retired & still contributing to your 401k are you requiredto w/d at 70-/2?Thank yo

Trying to locate my 401k provider

Can I contribute to a different 401K if our plan is top heavy and I can not contribute the full amount for 2008?

How much more do I have to pay on my 401k?

Do I still have 401k?

I am 40 years old & I want to rollover some of my 401k money into another qualified IRA. Can I do it since I am less than 59

How do I sign in to my account/ Pella Corp?

How do I access my account to make changes

I am 55 years old and took a primary residence loan. What taxes are due is it 20% or and 10% penalty?

I was terminated from my employment at age 57. I was told that since I was over 55 and terminated I don't pay the 10% penal

If I arranged with my past employer that laid me off to cash out my 401K 4 weeks ago when can I expect it?

I had to go on SS disability and I need my 401 to keep my home. Can I be exempt from the penalty? I am 57yrs old.

I am 62 yrs. Still working. How much can I withdraw without penalty or taxes being assessed?

If you work in a office where one person gets the 401k and nobody else gets it is that against the law

Does California tax catchup contributions?

How do you write a letter to let employees know you are stopping the match?

Under president elect Obama, are we going to be able to make a withdrawl with out being penalized?

If you are in trouble with your mortgage can you take out of your 401k to help foreclosure

Is it wise to continue to put money in a 401K during this economic turmoil or better to take the money and put it in cd's

Canimake addtioal contirbutions to my 401k?

What can I do when an employer doesn't return your money?

Is it possible to cash out 401k without leaving current employer or having hardship? if possible at what penalty

There is a way to withdrawal money monthly from your 401K without penalty .

Can my employer take away my 401k after i have already started it (i am over 21 and work full time)?

Can the losses in my 401K be declared in my income tax?

Need to withdrowal money to pay property tax

Been on disability for a year need money to live on did not have LTD insurance. What can I do?

How can an accrual basis employer delay the deduction for the employer's contribution due for 2008 to 2009?

What year did it become tennessee law that your spouse had to be your benefeciary of your 401k

I can't log on to my Caterpillar 401K. Is the site down? William E. Jeffries

401K after 70.5 years of age

If you cash out a 401k and the value is less than the purchase price how will the penalty and taxes apply?

Can i borrow twice from retirement

I want to get on line to see my account I lost my number

Are 401-K losses deductible?

Lost my 401K plan at a company I worked for 10 years ago how can i find it again?

Can I reduce my monthly distributions from my 401 K to $100 per month to allow for stock market recovery?

I am retiring 01/2009 and want to know how much withdrawal I will have to take from 401K

How much money can a 401k account draw over a period of 35 years?

My father had pass away 3 years ago and he left a 401k to me,I didn't touch and don't know what to do.I am 21 years olds.

Are legal fees reason for a 401k hardship withdrawal?

How long does the employer have to deposit 401k money that is taken out of your paycheck

How to collect 401k benefits aqlready paid in

My father had pass away 3 years ago and he left a 401k to me !

Discontinuing employer match of employee 401k contribution.

How long do employers have to submit employee deferrals

Can a plan freeze your 401k

1230 dollars in a 401.if i cash out what are the taxes or penalty

How do I access my 401k plan?

At 70 1/2 -withdraw $10,000 a year and pay tax. I withdrew $30,000, paid tax before I reached 70 1/2 will this count for 3 y

Must I spread out my 401(k) contributions toward the max $15,500 evenly in order to get full benefit of my employer match?

I apparently am enrolled into a 401k plan that doesnt let me access my money, even in cases of hardship. What can i do?

I got an indefanent layoff and would like to withdraw my 401k how do I do this?

I will like to check my 401k account

I will like to check my 401k account my balance.

How can i get into my 401k account.

How do I stop 401k withdraws from my check

Are there any taxes that have to be paid back on this government bailout like we have to pay on early withdrawal on our value losing 401-K plans?

When do you have to pay back a 401k withdrawl not to incur penalties

Is there an age limit to when you have to take your 401k if you are not working?

I lost the papers for my 401K. How do I locate my 401K?

What is the suggested contribution % for 401k/403b

I will be converting my 401k money, approx. $6,000, from my ex employer to an IRA. Can/should I go Roth?

Are safe harbor contributions made by the company considered part of the total maximum investment that can be made?

401k to buy business

Finding my 401k

Doesn't want to sign up for 401k

I need to know my loan balance

Can you use a stop loss order on 401k account?

How long can an employer hold your 401K contribution before they actually deposit it into your account?

Is there a law in which employers have to match3% in 401k?can they just stop matching all of a sudden if they chose?

401 k benefitciary

Are matching funds considered in the maximum annual amount?

61 yrs old. Just now eligible for my new employer's 401k. Company matches 25% of the 1st 6% of employee election. Enroll?

As a single member LLC, can I set up an individual 401k account under my ITIN or must I apply for an EIN?

When it is time to retire and obtain the $ from my 401K can my ex-wife or the state take any of this money?

I have a Plan that has Life Insurance.

Do i leave my 401 k alone ,or do i take haf-out and leave the other half alone

I will be 66 soon and thinking of retirement. What should I do about my 401 k at work?

Are there exemptions from penalties for certain uses of 401K?

What is the penalty for pulling out on a 401K?

401k loan repayment

Closed 401K 8 Years Ago--Just Received a Tax Form

How fast is your turn around time for questions?

401K from Ex-employer

Should I contribute to my company 401k without any company match?

Should I invest my guaranteed money of $6,000 into the market since it is hopefully close to the bottom?

How do i report income of a closed 401k

I had a pre tax 401k and in 2008 rolled it over to a roth Ira. Do I have to pay taxes on this?

Can it be attached for back child support?

I just got fired, can I have my 401k?

Can i withdraw 401k or ira funds to purchase real estate without incuring a penalty? How much can i withdraw?

Close 401k?

Does a 401k affect someone from getting unemployment?

I am leaving my job and want to take my 401k to finance my business. What are the tax implications on $100k

Is there any way to get money out of a 401-K if I have an existing loan?

I had lost my account 401k how can i find it again?

What is the legal age to with draw from your 401k without getting penalized?

Do employees pay social security tax on the amounts contributed?

Will an employee lose their money from 401k?

Can I pay off my home using 401k dollars

Can I roll over my previous 401k account to a dif company and have it in individual stocks

My current employer is stopping our 401k match.I planto stop contributing, can I do something else with the funds.

I have a small IRA...with my ex-employer....can I use (take out) my 401 to make mortgage payment and not been penelize.....

I have a 401k plan with a company I'm no longer employed with. Can I request a hardship withdraw?

10 year old 401k

Can I pay off my home using 401k dollars

Can i still contribute to my 401k even though i will have take the distribution at age 701/2?

Can I withdraw post-tax funds from my 401k?

K-1 income and Schedule C income retirement contributions?

My brother in law has just been lay off and wants to use his 401 to pay off his house.Should he?

401k Loss during blackout period

My brokerage firm is asking for money back from a 401k distribution from 4 years ago

Future 401 portfolio

My company is being taken over by another company, so they are ending our 401k program.

My mom is 63 yrs. old and is still working, but wanted to know: when can she cash in her 401k ?

Do you have to be a us citizen to be able to participate in a 401k program?

Can extra post tax money from a 401 be moved into a Roth IRA

Can my employer decide not to match my contributions?

I have been layed off. can I close my 401 in order to pay the bills

I lost my job in March and am in a real bind now? Can I withdrawl from my 401K? I'm already paying a loan of 6K.

401k funds moved from Money Market to Stock Fund at direction of Ex-Employer.

Can I rollover $30K of after-tax money from a prior employer 401K to a Roth IRA?

Tax liability?

How much will I be taxed if I take out my 401K?

If i no longer work at the job and i had a 401k plan do i take out and put in an ira are keep it there

Husband 401K

401K withdrawal time line?

What hapens when company don't add to plan and 401k is drop

401 k works

Can the irs hold a 401k loan for unpaid child support?

Can i buy rental property with the money in my 401K?

Being unemployed i receive unemployment. I cashed my 401k out do i have to report that to the unemployment commision

I have an existing loan which i used to buy a car. I have an opportunity to buy my first home, am I able to take another loa

Can a creditor garnishment consider my 401K loan repayment as disposable income? I find generally no, in bankruptcies.

401k at work-10 an hour-divorced-2 boys mom paying childcare .She cant anymore need 401k money for childcare

401-k choices

I'm on disability and work some Ihave around 3400.00 in a 401k. I need repairs on my house and other needs will I pay taxes

When are you fully invested

I need a statement fron my 401k

If a deceased relative leaves you as his 401k beneficerie how does that work

401k RIA Investment Advisory Fee

Will I need to report a loan taken from my 401K as earnings at the end of this year?

What is the Illinois state tax percentage when you are doing an early withdrawl?

Can you roll over your 401K's if your company has put a freeze on it?

I am 41 years old. can i sell my 401k to pay my debt without getting a loan


Can I withdraw funds from my 401k while still employed.I am 68.

I have requested paperwork to cash in my 401k from a previous employer, three times. They will not respond. What can I do?

Do I have to claim money drawn out of 401 as earnings on my social security

I have changed jobs and am wondering about using some of my 401k money to pay down my home loan. Is this advisable?

Where is my money

If you invest your 401k withdrawal, and the company you took the money from goes down. what is your rate.

Inheriting a 401

Can my employer legally stop my electec 401K deferral without my consent?

I am 60 years old. Could I take out money without having to pay it back?

What Happens to you're 401k account if you pass away before retirement?

401K dividend

Can you use your funds in a 401k to pay for college expenses, like a computer?

What is the time frame a 401K can be rolled over after loosing your employment?

Can i pay off my loan from the balance in my account

If I leave a company can I have access to my funds in my 401k to pull out

Non-hardship, in-service withdrawal from a 401k.

Do I have to pay back loan after age 591/2

Can i change my withholding and put that into my 401k

Can i draw my 401k if i am 62 years old and still working

Can i use part of 401k for down payment on a house

I just changed companies, should I transfer my 401K from prior employers investment co. to my new employers investment co.?

How many times can you borrow from 401k

Does 401k cancel out food stamp or/and medi-cal?

My spouse recently died. Can I use his 401K that he had with his job to help pay bills?

I plan on retiring on dec 31st 2009 i owe on a loan. I want to have the payoff reflected for the tax 2009. How do i ensure that happeds?

Is the money I put into the 401k always mine?

Is the money I put into this plan always mine?

I withdrew my 401k when i lost my job a few months ago. Can i add it back and avoid it being added to my AGI?

Do I have to withdraw any money from 401k if 72 and still working

Can I contribute to a previous employer's 401k plan if my current employer does not yet have one?

At age 64 can I contribute to my 401k at work and an IRA? because of the company structure I can only contribute 6%

Are you able to close a 401K retirement if they are foreclosing on your home

If the company I worked at dissolved,how long do they have to give me the money in 401k will I be penalized if I keep it?

401K early withdrawl

401K Loan

401k and education

Once a 401K loan has been given, can they "default" and demand payment?

I was recently laid off. If I cash out my 401K to survive, will it affect my unemployment insurance

401k loan

Is cosmetic surgery an eligible 401(k) hardship withdrawal medical expense?


I am 66 years old and living and working in FL. My question is this: If I withdrawal funds now will I be penalized?

If I draw all of my 401K out at the age of 62, also I was laid off from my job does that effect my unemployment?

I want to withdraw about 50,000 from 401k i am 59 1/2 this would to pay off credit card debt pre-need for my mother and help

I'm trying to locate my 401k from years ago.I worked @ walmart

Do i have to be employed on the last day of the plan year to be credited with the employer contribution for that year?

60,000 at age 40 will be worth what at 65 with average rate of return

I applied for disablity. I drew out my 410k money in 2008 to survive until I was approve for disablity.

A company I left in 1980 took 401k out. I have lost their info in moving and now want to backtrak how do I do it?

Employer contributions after leaving company?

How long does an employer have to apply my payroll deduction loan payment to my 401k ?

I have a 401K loan that is taken out of my pay twice a month. My employee is switching to a new provider. Does my loan switc

My employer is going out of business, how safe is my 401K

I have a 401K loan but my company went out of business? How do I make payments now?

Is it legal for an employer to force employees to sell or transfer company stock that was purchased through a 401k plan?

Spouse's share of 401k

401k loan

Can a company force their employees to sell/transfer currently held company stock in their 401k plan to another stock option

Withdrawals from my 401K.

On disiability need funds for home. Can I receive funds without penality?

Do i have to pay taxes on the total amount in my 401k, or just the money made off the 401k and not the initial investmenet

Can a company withdraw your 401k and send you the money without your approval?

Why does my ex-employer have to sign for me to withdrawl my 401k?

Does a 401k distribution make you ineligible for unemployment compensation? In Florida

Can I take a reduced salary and have my employer make a larger dividend contribution to my 401k?

I have a friend who quit her job without any notice - can she get her 401K money immediately?

State of Illinois, Age 65 withdrawing balance of $3800 from 401K, paid taxes of 20%. Will have to pay any more at 2009 taxe

I have a small 401K. I am retiring 7-01-10. How can I invest and add to it and not pay taxes when I retire?

If I retire early and choose to close my 401 k account and spend it, what would the taxes and penalties be.

If a company closes down what happens to outstanding 401k loans?

Is there a salary cap one can make before they are not allowed to contribute to a 401K? and have to go to a deferred comp pl

I am 60 and still working, do you have to be retired to close out your 401k?

My company got a goverment contract and has to pay the worker higher wages. They are saying we have to put a big % in 401K can they do that?

How can I get information on a 401k plan that I had with a company over 20 years ago that is no longer in business?

If i have 2000 in 401k employer profit sharing amount is 17000 plus 100% vested how much loan can i take.

I am being displaced April 15th. How does that affect max contributions?

If I borrowed money from my 401k, can I pay it all back in a lump sum?

Parent is having a forced distribution (age 60)...should it just be rolled into an IRA?

Can my prior employer refuse to allow me to roll my 401K to my own plan for any reason?

I want to roll over my 401k from my old job. The broker from the old 401K says I can't. Is this legal?

Can my husband's 401k company rollover a maxed out 457 plan into a 401k plan for 2009?

Overpayment on 401k loan

Can you file bankruptcy and it not get your 401k?

Rollover Spouses 401K into mine

If i am a foreigner, do if have to contribute to 401k

Can I contribute to an IRA if I contribute to a 401k

I had a 401k started 10 years ago with a company I worked for. What happen to my funds?

can i withdrawl money from my plan to buy a car?

I have a 401K from MA, I now live in FL and might make a full withdrawal. Do I have to pay a State Tax from MA?

By mistake my 401k was sent to a savings accout .they with held taxes and I want to move it to my new 401k will i be pentaliz

I am 67 and returning to work for the 2010 time frame. Should I sign up to contribute to a 401K plan at this time in my life

Can an employer set up a 401k so that i can't withdraw money until I am 70?

Does my loan repayment on 401k the same as contributing to my 401

What happens to my 401k dollars if the company I work for goes bankrupt, out of business, belly up, etc.?

My employer is no longer going to contribute to my 401k plan and is going to terminate the plan..what will happen to my 401k

If a terminally ill spouse is entitled to cash out 401k, is the surviving spouse

Can a company put you on an inactive employee list then take away your 401k?

I am 63 and have two 401K's. My wife is 58 and has a 401K. We want to buy a house and would need a down payment.

If you are looking to buy a home and need a loan from your 401k, Is there a penalty for getting it?

workers comp with 401k loan

Taking a loan out on my 401k

How do i cash out my 401k

If I put the max, $16,500 annually. How much should I expect to have in 30 years, expecting typical returns?

Solo 401k Profit share expense

Post Discretionary question.

Am I putting enough away?

I only have $5000 in my 401K and have to payout alotto prevent garnishment of my wages. What is the penalty on that?

Im in serious debt and have a current 401k loan. How can I retreive more money from it

If I purchase an annuity with a portion of my account balance at age 65, does this effect RMD

If I begin taking distributions from my 401k plan at age 65 (either in form of an annuity or installments; how does that affect the mrd requirements

After age 59 1/2...can i withdraw all of my 401-k?

Is there a legal timeline a company must follow for a 401k distribution?

Early Withdrawal

Can my husband roll his 401k over into my 401k when he changes jobs? His new employer does not have a 401k.

I AM 71 YRS OLD, SOON TO BE 73, WHEN SHOULD i leave my former co. 401k plan?

Would a change of a disability policy provider constitute a material change subject to the requirement of new spd filing.

If a person dies, what happens to 401k

Taxes on Premature Distributions?

We cashed in our 401k last year and paid taxes on that. Were we suppose to add this money also to our earned income?

If I put 400.00 dallar a month away in a 401K that has a 10% match for the next 22 years what will i have at the end in 22yr

When do i have to roll over my 401k ?

If you leave company before payoff of 401K loan can you keep with investment company?

I have a money in my 401k plan, i have my spouse az a beneficiary, what happens if get divorce? can i get me entire money?

If the world loses power to all technology is there a backup of written records of my 401k plan so that it wont be a loss?

Can I roll my 401k while I'm still working

Can I use any of my 401k to purchase a new home.

Can husband and wife have a joint 401K

401K rollover to Roth IRA with AGI limit

Is there a time constraint for combining multiple 401K accounts?


I am an employer who is going to be acquired by another company. Do we have to merge 401k plans by law?

Can i withdraw from my 401k without paying alot of taxes if iam unemployed and have a high credit card balance?

About how much would the taxes be and when are they due ?

Inheriting a 401K

Who has legal right to the 401K of a deceased person?

I was working at a company many years ago and i had 401k plan do i still have that and how do i find out

What does it mean when their is a coporate action on your account and the transaction type says expired/abandoned?

Can I withdraw from my 401K plan for higher education without paying a penalty?

I already have a loan I am paying on from my work 401 k. I am needing to get my car repaired and need another $2000.00

Can you lose your 401K if a company goes bankrupt or closes?

Is there a penalty for withdrawing 401k if you do not have very much in your account.

I will need to inquire about a 401 K plan that my mother owns.

My hasband lost his job 10 months ago. should he move his 401k to his IRA at our own private banking institution or leave it

What is the effective date of a 401k contribution?

401k employer contributions in 2011?

Do I have the legal right to get my money back if an employer is holding my contributions

Is there a statute of limitations to get 401K money from a previous employer?

Employoee Contributions

I took out a 401k loan default?

What can I use my 401k for?

Can my former employer "Bad boy" me?

My company recently began 401K and are not putting in what is out of my check

Does your contributions come out of your gross pay or your gross pay AFTER pre-tax health insurance premiums are deducted?

I had a 401k. I borrow against for taxes. If this is my money don't Ihave the option not to pay me back if I resign.

Can you lump sum payments

401 k loans

Company contributions and loans

My father died, he works for Holiday Inn Bethesda for almost twenty years. How can we collect his 401K?

I am leaving one company with 401 and loans can i roll them into the new company 401k and continue to pay the loans

Can a company retroactively remove its match? My company just announced they will not pay the match on my 2009 contributions

What can do if my employer claims to be contributing to my 401(k), but the account balance is 0?

Withdraw 401k

Resigned from a company in 1992, how do I know what happened to my 401k


How do I get a copy of my 2005 disbursement?

If I am currently in Bankruptcy, can I start 401K?

From 1993 to 1996 i did work for The westin hotels and i had it a 401k did i lost that money

Should I pay back my 401k loan?

Small Business 401(k) and Safe Harbor

Hiding money in 401k accts

I'm 51 and had to retire due to SSD. Can I take my 401K right away without penalty?

I am 61 and asked for a withdrawal from my 401k. They are withholding 25%. Why?

My husband has a 401k plan from a former employer that has $50k in it. He was told he needs to get the money out.

Husband recently took early retirement what should we do with his 401K?

Is there a penalty for closing a 401K if you're quitting your job?

Former Macys manager

After a divorce can your ex-wife still claim part of my 41k?

401 K for foreign national

The money that I put into a 401k is being taxed?

My wife is leaving her job and staying at home.

Is Cashing out your 401k the same as moving into a cash position?

I need help locating my 401k .

When you retire How much money (min/max) can you withdraw? Also how often?

I am 72 yrs old.withdrew 7000. they took 20% 1400. for taxes.do I need to file my income taxes in order to recoup some $.

I am contributing 4% of my check but its not showing up on my statement, is my company stealing my money?

Can a company MAKE you move its shares you have purchased in your 401k account?

How do you put money into your regular account

Can an annuity be forced on you?

My gross pay is 2083 and net pay is 1674. when I make an contribution to my 401k plan does it come from the net or gross pay

On a 401K loan, How much can a person withdraw? Is it 50% of vested Balance and what is the max amount- $50,000?

What are the rules regarding the value of the Bond insurance needed to the value of the plan

Is there any penalty for drawing our money out of our 401K at 59 1/2 to pay off our house and how much tax would there be?

Pay off second with 401K

My company no longer participates in the 401k plan how do I get my money out before It disolves from no entries?

What are the penalties for total withdrawal of 401k funds ate the age of 70.f?

Use excess foreign tax credit to write-off tax laibility on withdrawl of 401-K

This year, due my having two employers, excess 401K contributions were made by me; ~$11,000.00 too much.

401K early withdrawal penatlies?

Can you borrow money without penalty for under 60 days as long as you pay it back within that 60 day window

Can an employer cap the amount that individuals can invest in a 401K, even though the Fed limit is $16,500 ?

Drawing 401 penalty free

Can I withdraw $ from a 401K to invest in a loblolly tree farm tax free and without penalty?

Once I begin my distribution, can I have it stopped and begin it again later?

I haven't been making any contributions to our company 401K plan during the year. Can I make a lump sum deposit at the end of the year?

Can I terminate my 401k plan even if I'm still employeed with company?

What is the penalty if i wanted to just withdraw my 401k

I am 59 years old and want to withdraw 6000 from my 401 k. How much tax would I have to pay. I have already paid tax once

Regarding 20% withholding tax on 401k withdrawals

How can I find out if I have a 401k?

How can i find out if i have an existing 401k

Highly Compensated Employee

Can you add more at the end of the year to your 401k if you have not reached the max

401k pre-tax vs. roth, should I invest equally or one more than the other?

I recently got divorced and ended up splitting all the debt

I want to contribute my whole weekly check into my 401k, what taaxes will be taken out if any?

Where do I send the QDRO for pre-approval?

Contribution to IRA deductible?

How can I xfer all funds from 401k to IRA after taking distribution recently, without waiting one year?

401K Type G Dist

I need to know ,how moch money a have now

A bank made a mistake and gave me a 401k distribution check instead of a roll over. Opened new CD. Can I correct

Do you have to pay back a defaulted 401K loan when they've issued a 1099?

What is 401k means

How can I find out who has my 401k that I had with napa auto parts. havent got a letter in awhile

What is the final amount I can expect by withdrawing my 401k?

Hardship loan for medical bill

I have been diagnosed with bi-polar and need to withdraw money from my 401K. Do I need a valid drivers license to apply?

Was terminated due to management restructure, 401k was below 5000 was an automatic payout, can I reapply

How many years before you are vested

Time frame to roll over 401k when a company closes & changes to another company

Roll over of 401k into ira and back to 401k later

Roll over of 401k into ira and back to 401k later