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Georgia State Income Tax Questions

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If i still owe on a loan, can i take another loan out?

I still owe on a 401k loan, is it possible to take another loan out even though i still owe?

401k contribution

What is the average amount an employer contributes to his employees 401k's

What are the penalties for withdrawls from 401k

What are the penalties for withdrawls from 401k

What is the difference in a 401k vs a 403b

What are the relaative advantages and disadvantages of a 401k compared to a 403b for a not for profit company.

Mandatory 401K ?

Is it mandatory for an employer to setup a profit sharing 401K plan even when the employee does not wish to participate in the plan?

401k==who can contribute?

I'm 78 years old the only income i have is from a rental===can i contribute to a 401k using profit from my rental?

401K money distribution after being laid off

I am currently at a company that is laying people off. I have a 401K plan there but I am not fully vested. Could you please explain what, if any, of the proceeds will go to me. Please advise .Thank you.

Is fidelity 401k fdic insured?

Maximum amount I can contribute to 401k in 2009

Maximum amount I can contribute to 401k in 2009?

What is a 401K?

Individual 401k - solo 401k - sep ira?

I've recently become self employed and have a 401k at my old job. I just started doing research on self employed retirement plans like the SEP IRA and individual 401k. I found some good information about them...

Roth 401k vs 401k? should i open an roth ira?

So my company offers me both Roth401k and 401k. I can put up to 30 percent whether its 15/15 on both or the full 30 on one of them. Which plan should I do IF I'm 22 and making 70k annually. Also I have no debts...


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