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How many years before you are vested

How many years before you are vested


Can a family business be forced to open a 401k?

My parents have a small business with each of them and myself as employees. So there are 3 employees total. They told me the government forced them to open a 401k because I'm an employee of their company....


I am 61 years old & curenty on shot term disabiliy

After February fourth I will be on long term disability. I need to know what I can do with my 401k, I currently have outstanding medical bills and just about exhausted my savings. If I take part of my 401k...


Was deemed permentantly disabled. We are in desperate finncial straits. can he get a penalty free exemption to withdraw from ...

My husband is permanently disabled and his former employer closed. He rolled over to a private investor for k plan. We are in dire financial straits. Can he get a penalty free exemption to withdraw to pay mortgage...


Do I have to claim 401k to unemployment? I have seen answers as yes and no?

Claiming 401k to unemployment Illinois


If I don't retire, what happens to my 401K account.

With the bad economy the past several years, I have determined that I may never retire as long as my company continues to employ me. I am 64 and I was wondering how I access the money in my 401k that I've...


I am 66 and I have taken money out of my 401k a couple of times and every time I have had to pay 20%. I thought when you turn...

Can you tell me if I had to pay the 20% of my 401k after I turned 60?


Would it be better to cash my 401k to pay off my debts

I am near retirement but have numerous debt. Would it better to cash out my 401k to pay these debts off.


Can I transfer 401k money that was invested on an after tax basis directly to a ROTH IRA? If not I'll be paying tax twice.

401k is from a past employer. I invested in the 401k post tax money. If I move the money to a regular IRA and then transfer the money from the IRA to a ROTH IRA I will taxed twice.


Where is my refind

I have e-file my tax rerturn for the year of 2008 federal and state return.I cannot file my tax return for my previous years from 2003 to 2007 of the both returns federal and va state returns.I am un employed since...


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What are 401k taxes?

What are 401k taxes? And where do I file them?


Where can I get information about my 401k

What is a good website that I can learn about my 401k?


Can I use part of my 401 K to invest in a company which is and LLC?

Currently I manage my 401K and is invested in sevral diferrent funds.