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Can a bank collect on a $1000 dollar mistake plus interest $600 9 years later?

I cashed out a cash balance plan which was basically a 2nd 401K when I switched jobs over 9 years ago. I received a notice in the mail yesterday that said the made an overpayment of about $1050 dollars back then...


I forgot my pin number for my 401k how do i retrive it?

My mom has forgot her pin number is and needs to know if she can get a new one or how to get the old one.


Do you pay taxes on your 401K if you are using the mon ey to purchase a primayr residence.

Do you pay taxes on 401K if you are using the money to purchase a primary residence.


Cash out of 401K and write off Losses from Fed Tax Filing?

I have a 401K (pre tax) still , with a company I worked at for over 10 years (1999 to 2009) While I contributed the entire 10 years the value is now 1/2 of what I put in and the stock in which I bought is very...


Can minimum distributions for 2014 be pro-rated?

I have retired effective June 1 2014 and understand that I must take minimum distributions by April 1 of 2015 to include distributions for 2014. Can the 2014 minimum distribution be pro-rated for the period of...


How do i close my 401 account,and what if i have a loan out at the time the account is being closed

Our company is changing to a provider that does not give out loans,wnat to close out account


How does someone check into there 401k that they have

My mom has a 401k and she wants to know how she can see how much she has in it



I am 50 yrs old, disabled, and not able to work. May I withdraw penalty free


Is there a law in which employers have to match3% in 401k?can they just stop matching all of a sudden if they chose?

If employer were matching 3% in your 401k, as companies do.,can they just stop doing it?what do I look for in policy a nd procedures to see if they have a right. to do this.any laws covering this?is a letter telling...


If I am 59 1/2 can I take my 40lK money out if I am still employed by the company.

If I am 59 1/2 can I take my 40lK money out if I still employed by the company


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What are 401k taxes?

What are 401k taxes? And where do I file them?


Where can I get information about my 401k

What is a good website that I can learn about my 401k?


Can I use part of my 401 K to invest in a company which is and LLC?

Currently I manage my 401K and is invested in sevral diferrent funds.