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401k withdrawel

I took a withdrawel from my 401k in 2007 to buy a house but i have not closed yet. Is this withdrawel a taxable event in 2007


Can I use any of my 401k to purchase a new home.

Can i use any portion of my 401k for a new home purchase is there any penalties involved


What can I do when an employer doesn't return your money?

I worked for this company and had a 401K with them. I left their employ and they gave me a check for the 401K, which I then took to my bank and opened up a IRA with them, well I thought that I did. I went to...


If my money is in a 401k plan and i no longer work for the company, can I take out partical money from thw 401k?

If my money is in a 401k plan and i no longer work for the company, can I withdraw partical money from thw 401k for tuition or medical for my kids?


Requesting for a hardship

Just got news my grandmother has died from the tornado that hit Ciudad Acuna Mexico, she was 85 years old and money is needed for her funeral.


MY account

Where do I view what is available in my 401K?


Can I contribute additional monies to a existing 401K to avoid additional taxes

I sold a rental property and owe 15,000 in taxes to the IRS. I would like to offset these taxes by contributing additional funds to an existing 401K plan or IRA. Can I do that


Withdrawal of 401k to purchase a home Is there a tax break

I s there a break when purchasing a home


401K withdrawal due to unemployment is there still a penalty?

Unemployed and need money for medical etc, I know the tax must be paid but is there still a penalty for this type of hardship withdrawal?


Wanting to find out how much I owe on my 401k

I am trying to find out how much I still owe but I don't know my login id or password


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What are 401k taxes?

What are 401k taxes? And where do I file them?


Where can I get information about my 401k

What is a good website that I can learn about my 401k?


Can I use part of my 401 K to invest in a company which is and LLC?

Currently I manage my 401K and is invested in sevral diferrent funds.